About us

Who We Are
FASTFACTS is the Leading Compliance solutions provider in India with 20+ years of experience. These added products complement and expand the current offerings and provide our customers with one of the largest portfolios of digitalized tax management products and services, irrespective of sector, size or location.
What Matters to Us?

Yes, the answer is plain and simple. Customization lies at the core of our services, thus creating a bond between us (the brand) and you (the consumer). Get choices-not a one-size-fits-all solution. And rest assured that our products will be aligned to your needs.
What We Do
With our multi-vertical industry expertise, dedicated team of technical experts, software application development and innovative technology, we provide continuous evolution of solutions for our customers. We offer one of the largest portfolios of digitalized tax management products and services.
Meet the Team
Senthil Kumar

A prudent CFO with 20+ years of experience as a finance professional, who has gathered expertise in Taxation, Treasury Management, Legal, Statutory Compliances, Budgeting, and Cash Flow Management.

As the Business Head of FASTFACTS, he has in every sense mastered the collaboration of Tax and Technology and revolutionized compliance management. His knowledge in taxation backed by his own experience of handling core compliance issues manifests into digitalized compliance solutions to benefit his own fraternity to focus on business and growth.

His proficiency lies in his dual ability to perform both micro and macro-management. His eye for detail allows him to improve operations, productivity and his ability to look at the bigger picture impacts business growth and maximizes profits. With an in-depth understanding of finance procedures, he has built strong internal financial controls. He is an avid influencer, who uses financial data to influence operations decision-making and strategy.

All Our Products
TdsPac - Your Complete TDS Management Solution
FAMS - Your Entry-To-Exit Record of Asset Life Cycle
PayPac - Your Flexible Payroll Compliance Solution
PO Module
PO Module - Your End-to-End Purchase Order System