26AS Reconciler - A solution that helps you triumph over

Limitations of Manual Processes

Save Time | Achieve Higher Productivity | Handle Voluminous data easily

A manual process has inherent limitations. Some of the prominent ones are being prone to errors, time-consuming, repetitive, delays, miscommunication, lack of control, inconsistency, large resource requirements, and inefficient error handling. Our solution ensures overcoming all these limitations with technology-enabled reconciliation. With 26AS Reconciler you can save time, achieve higher productivity and handle voluminous data efficiently.


Non-Compliance with TDS Laws

Comply with 194Q | Verify PAN TAN

Master the application of Section 194Q of the IT Act
As the Government widened the scope of TDS by adding Section 194Q, buyers across the country faced challenges in applying the provisions of the Section. Our solution simplifies the application of provisions to ensure total compliance.

Our solution can also assist in the alignment of PAN- TAN mapping for the deductor to ensure error-free reconciliation

Difficulty in establishing correctness

Compute correct Advance Tax | Face Assessments with confidence

With the maintenance of proper records of TDS and reconciling the same with 26AS, accuracy is established and errors rectified.

TDS Reconciliation will ensure claiming accurate TDS credit which in turn will ensure the accuracy of Advance tax computation.

Revenue Reconciliation makes facing assessments unchallenging. With revenue correctness established as a consequence of the TDS reconciliation, facing assessment is effortless.


Multiple-Year Reconciliations Challenge

Perform multi-year reconciliation

Multiple-year reconciliation seems an impossible task if done manually. However, our solution makes it possible. This ensures the rectification of previous years’ errors so as to start on a clean slate and avoid carrying forward mismatches.


FASTFACTS 26AS Reconciler helped companies save huge taxes. Find how!

How Does FASTFACTS 26AS Reconciler work?

Our technology-enabled digitalized reconciler matches the entries in the 26AS with the entries in the TDS Ledger. This reconciliation ensures claiming the correct amount of TDS.

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Digitalized Reconciliation

Manual intervention is reduced to ensure error-free reconciliation. This also improves productivity as mundane tasks are taken care of.

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Voluminous Data Handling

As transactions increase, maintaining the reconciliation manually is an arduous task. Our solution can easily handle voluminous transactions due to digitalization.

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Expert Service backed by Adaptive Solution

Our solution is adaptive and is fully capable of providing solutions to new challenges. Challenges help in making our solution robust and hence we welcome them. Our solution is comprehensive as it is backed by professionals having experience working with clients in varied domains.


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What our Users Say

We have been using this software for the last few months and pleasure to inform you that it is working fine and your support team is of great help for any query and clarifications. Overall, the performance of the software is really good, including your support team.

Fujitec India Private Limited

What our Users Say

It must be put on record that FASTFACTS software has really helped us to manage/structure the tracking and accounting of TDS which is very crucial for our company.